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In the trucking world, accidents happen, and drivers get hurt. Some drivers are not so lucky and have permanent disabilities to deal with. This is what happened to one of the owners. The owner is a lifelong trucker and was not ready to call it quits. We started researching to see if we could put together a solution that would help so he could continue to drive. We researched for over a year and talked to many people. To our surprise, the trailer design not only benefited drivers with partial disabilities but also found that it would benefit the motorcycle transportation industry and how it would change the way people transport bikes in the future.

The owners bring a wide range of experience to the company. The first owner has 15+ years of driving with a bachelor's degree in business. The second owner is a lifelong motorcycle rider with 33+ years in the transportation industry. He will treat your equipment like it is his own. The final owner has a customer service and quality background to enhance customer relations. We will bring knowledge and understanding of the trucking industry with our focus on shorter lead times and great customer satisfaction.